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I used to have this on video along with "Alice in Wonderland" (both of them were taped off TV and were on the same video) and I remember watching them all the time with absolute and unshakable content and happiness. Peolpe have written reviews saying that it's pretty dark and creepy, especially the "Pink Elelphants" sequence but I never was (and I'm NOT lying!). I remember the ONLY thing that got to me a LITTLE BIT was when the clowns were chatting after the "Dumbo the Clown" act; the clowns with the high and squeaky voice (some of the clowns have the same voices) creeped me out a little 'cause I thought they sounded evil (Ha! For people who have watched the movie it's the voice that says "This one's on Dumbo!", "We really rolled them in the aisles!" and "Let's make it eighty feet!"). As for the "Pink Elephants" sequence, I found it really funny and I still do. So anyways, absolutely no family should be without this movie 'cause it's a very sweet film with a really important message. Dumbo English movie Watch Online / Dumbo English movie download / Dumbo dvdrip download / Dumbo bluray download / Dumbo movie torrent free download / Dumbo movie Full length / Free movies Download / Online Films for Free / Stream Movies / Movies to watch Online / Full Movies / New Films

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