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Chiclet lives a happy life in the jungle till his mother is killed by a hunter, while his dad is captured and taken to Mumbai. And thus comes an end to the happy jungle life as Chiclet sets out on mission revenge. But can he avenge his mom's death and find his dad? More importantly, can he find his way out in the bustling city of Mumbai?  Will Bollywood take animation as serious business? Will voice-overs in Bollywood's animated movies create an impact? And will Bollywood take its tween audiences seriously? Don't try looking for answers here and you might end up liking Chiclet, the little chick, simply for his bravery. The Green Chic Hindi Watch Online,The Green Chic movie free download,The Green Chic movie free download,The Green Chic dvd rip download,The Green Chic blu ray rip download,The Green Chic movie torrent free download,free movies bazaar.

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