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It's up to T.J. Detweiler, plucky grammar school kid, to save the earth, and summer vacation, in "Recess: School's Out," a spinoff of the animated kids' TV program. He gets the responsibility because he's the only kid left behind when all the others board buses and roar off to summer camp. Meanwhile, Benedict moves his minions and their moon-moving equipment into the Third Street School, "back where it all began." How so? In the 1960s, we learn, both Benedict and Principal Prickly were idealistic flower children. But then it rained on Benedict's dream, and he turned into the monster he is today. Prickly on the other hand simply grew old and lost his youthful enthusiasm in the day-to-day grind. As for Miss Finster, the draconian teacher, it's doubtful she was a child of the 1960s, although she retains some of the lingo (when she gets stuck trying to crawl through a basement window of the school, she cries out, "I'm stuck! Curse these bodacious hips of mine!"). Recess: School's Out English movie Watch Online / Recess: School's Out English movie download / Recess: School's Out dvdrip download / Recess: School's Out bluray download / Recess: School's Out movie torrent free download / Recess: School's Out movie Full length / Free movies Download / Online Films for Free / Stream Movies / Movies to watch Online / Full Movies / New Films

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