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"Unsupervised", though a little subtler than it's lead in, is actually a great adult cartoon. It's a step up in animation from the usual cable cartoons, and it has something that I feel has been missing from TV animation for a while... good characters and thoughtful stories. The two main kids are a bit like a sweet-hearted Beavis and Butthead, and they're surrounded by a funny and diverse cast of supporting characters. Anyone who grew up poor can identify with a few things from the first two episodes, which is maybe why so few people seem to understand this little gem. The stories of the first two episodes are actual stories, which is good news for people who may tire from the shotgun approach of, say, every Seth Mcfarlane show (I like them, but you get the point). So if this alternatively cute and foul show gets canceled, you only have yourself to blame the next time you complain about the current trend of non sequitur jokes and one dimensional characters. Unsupervised English movie Watch Online / Unsupervised English movie download / Unsupervised dvdrip download / Unsupervised bluray download / Unsupervised movie torrent free download / Unsupervised movie Full length / Free movies Download / Online Films for Free / Stream Movies / Movies to watch Online / Full Movies / New Films

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